Matt knows Kelowna Real Estate.

I’ve had the pleasure of being born and raised in Kelowna. Over the years I’ve seen this great city evolve from a sleepy town know for apples and beaches into a growing metropolis. I think part of what makes Kelowna so unique is that while it’s still very much a small town we now have enough big city amenities to make this an ideal place to call home.

I was exposed to real estate early as a career given the fact my Dad, Mark, is a 25+ year veteran in the business so I had the benefit of learning much about the career before I took the leap of faith to take it on. What I can say, which no amount of explaining can prepare you for, is that the most rewarding part of this job is the relationships I develop with great people.

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Why you want to buy with Matt.

Buying a home is a high pressure game so its imperative to have an agent who is truly devoted to your goals. Matt takes this responsibility very seriously and for this reason he intentionally limits the number of buyers he works with at a time so he can truly cater to his current clients. Matt’s goal is to get you into the listing you want to see before anyone else. In addition to his commitment Matt also has the benefit of being born and raised in Kelowna and truly knows the area through personal experience.

Why you want to list with Matt.

When choosing an agent there are a lot of options and it certainly can become overwhelming but if you want results the number one question you should ask an agent is what is their track record of success. Matt has a proven track record of success and consistently, year in and year out, sells his listings closer to the asking price and in a shorter amount of time than the competition. If you want result, Matt can deliver.